laying concrete blocks

Our Concrete Layers are our contractors who lay concrete, they make different types of structures out of cement. They’ll pour, smooth, finish and colour concrete with special tools and techniques.

Our contractors can lay concrete for floors, walls, driveways and pathways, and in the illustration above, they are applying mortar to hold concrete blocks walls together with steel rod reinforcing.

Which ever concrete laying you require,  whether it is for concrete driveways, floors, pathways, we can put together a plan to design and carry out jobs to suit your budget. It may involve landscaping as well.

Our Concrete Contractors lay concrete and perform all the tasks from start to finish

Site Prep – As commercial contractors we perform our own site prep which prepares the ground, and can include excavation and backfill. Rocks and shrubs are completely removed. The ground is compacted, leveled, and graded to ensure that it can adequately support the load requirements of the buildings and paths and driveways, sturdy to last for many years and all weathers.
Formwork – The concrete is poured into the prepared design. This is accomplished through formwork which creates the mold for the concrete placement and holds the concrete in place while the mixture hardens. Depending on how the concrete will be utilized, the forms can be temporary or permanent and can be set using wood, metal, or plastic.
Placement – After all the prep and site work, the concrete gets poured into the forms. Using shovels and rakes, the crew will move the concrete through the forms.
Finishing – Similar to the site prep, once the concrete is poured, it must be compacted and consolidated to ensure there are no air pockets.

Concrete Layers